Smarter Sleep sound machine


Sleep Well. Sleep Smart.

Neuroscientist designed, patented and tested, Smarter Sleep from RAPTbaby™ is the first sound machine (and product!) ever created to support sleep and a child’s ability to process language.

Product Features:

  • Choice of 8 soothing, brain-building soundtracks:
    • Classical (2 tracks)
    • Lullaby (2 tracks)
    • Nature (2 tracks)
    • Womb (2 tracks)
  • Neuroscientist designed, patented and tested
  • Induces sleep-enhancing alpha and deep-sleep promoting delta waves

  • Supports language development
  • Safely masks noise
  • Portable design
  • Auto timer (30, 60, 90 minutes & continuous play)

  • Memory feature: remembers last played song and timer setting
  • Buttons light up for ease of operation in dark rooms
  • Flexible power option: rechargeable battery or A/C power

Download our User Guide here.

Technical Specifications:

Product Dimensions5.7”W x 4.6”H x 2.5”D

Item Weight12 oz

Charging – Lithium rechargeable battery and 5 ft. USB-C to USB-A power cable (USB A wall charger not included)

Why Smarter Sleep is Better for Your Baby

The only sound machine that supports language development.

The only soother with patented, neuroscientist designed audio tracks.

The first product created to promote sleep and cognitive growth.