Bringing neuroscience to the nursery to support the cognitive development of all young children.

Bringing neuroscience to the nursery to support the cognitive development of all young children.

Smarter Sleep for your baby

The Situation

Even during sleep, infant brains rely on environmental inputs to build the networks for key cognitive functions such as language processing.

In the 1st year, the brain creates billions of neural connections, and the connections most important to language processing are dependent on getting the right auditory stimuli, including over the many hours that babies sleep.

The Problem

Not all sleep environments supply the auditory input that brains expect – and need – to set up language. 

For example, traditional sound machines can help sleep by masking noise but lack the particular sound stimuli that encourage young brains to form the strong neural connections necessary for efficient language processing.

The Solution

Smarter Sleep’s enriched auditory environments are specifically constructed to support both sleep and language development. 

Its patented design embeds structured auditory cues that help create accurate language networks within soundtracks that promote the brain waves compatible with different phases of sleep.

Want to know more?

Smarter Sleep is based on decades of peer-reviewed research so if you’d like to understand the science behind it, or just want to know more about infant brain development, we have the info (and the papers) to help you do just that.

Neuroscience is here for you and your child

RAPTbaby™ and the Smarter Sleep sound machine are backed by a group of really smart people dedicated to creating cutting edge neuroscience-backed technology that can help every child achieve their full cognitive potential.

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Featured in

“The Smarter Sleep Sound Soother makes supporting children’s brain development more accessible to everyone.”

“This baby sound machine goes beyond your typical white noise.”

“The RAPTbaby Smarter Sleep Sound Machine earns our top spot because this isn’t your standard sound machine.”

"Raptbaby's sound machine is cute and has four sound categories, each with two options. I particularly loved the classical music tracks, which put me right at ease."

“Treat your kids, and yourself, to a good night’s sleep with the RAPTbaby Smarter Sleep sound machine.”

"The RAPTbaby Smarter Sleep Sound Machine isn’t your standard sound machine—it features eight soundtracks - with subtle acoustic cues embedded in the background to help promote alpha and delta waves in sleep and language development. "

Product Features

Auto Timer & Memory Feature

Smarter Sleep remembers your previous settings: both your auto timer selection and the last track played.

Portable Design

A small form factor and flexible battery/charging options make it easy to bring with you everywhere!

Neuroscientist-Designed Acoustic Stimuli

Audio cues embedded in background tracks support language development and processing.

8 Soothing Soundtracks

Each track was composed to induce sleep-enhancing alpha waves and deep-sleep-promoting delta waves.

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The Smarter Sleep sound machine by RAPTbaby

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